Rejuvenating your health through citrus fruits.

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Bright coloured,sweet-n-sour taste, absolutely mouth watering fruits these are.These aren’t just tasty but healthy as well.Citrus fruits include sweet oranges,lemons,limes,grapes and others like citron,pomelo,kinnow,etc.

Speaking of health benefits of citrus fruits they are as follows:

1.Good source of fibre- one cup of oranges contains about 3-4 grams of fibres which is more as compared to other fruits and most of it is in soluble form.

2.Improves digestive health and aids in weight

3.Low in calories- If you are watching your calorie intake citrus fruits are good option.Being low in calories,their water and fibre contents helps you in staying filled up

4.They help you in staying hydrated and keeps you refreshed

5.Lowers the risk of kidney stones- Yes you heard it right,it lowers the risk of kidney stones.Some types of kidney stones are formed due to low citrate levels in the body,and so eating citrus fruits provide a natural alternative to potassium citrate and lowers the risk of stone formation.

6.Boost the heart health- A recent Japan study showed that people who ate these fruits had a healthy heart.They help in reducing the bad cholesterol and aids in good heart health.

7.Works as anti-aging agent for skin.

8.Cleansing agent for skin.

9.Boost Immunity- They contain various flavonoids and carotenoids which are antiviral,antibacterial and anti inflammatory as well.

10.Helps to protect your brain- Recent study in which adults were made to drink flavanone rich orange juice showed a positive effect on cognitive function and neuro degenarative diseases.

Hence,because all of these benefits and many more citrus fruit is a must to be included in our diet.Fruits like sweet oranges and grapes are always enjoyed by the people because of its rich taste.


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